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Prior to getting married in California the couple must obtain a marriage license from their local County Clerk.    Here is the information you need to obtain your marriage license.

Marriage License Application

  • The couple must appear together in person at the office of the County Clerk.

  • Appointments can be made directly with your local County Clerk.

  • While applicants do not have to be residents of the state of California, the license is good throughout the State of California.

  • You may request and pay for a certified copy of your marriage license at the time of application appointment.

  • License fees may vary between counties.

Public License

  • The license is a public record.

  • At least one witness is required.

Confidential License

  • The license is private information available only to the couple.

  • The couple must be living together at time of issuance.

  • No witnesses are required.

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